What do you mean by marketing?

 At KOBM, we work with so many clients that interpret the word marketing in so many different ways.  Some mean advertising, some mean (PR) – Public Relations (actually more specifically Press Release), some even think in regards of direct-mail as marketing.

In fact all of the above and more are aspects of marketing.  However, instead of focusing on the tools of marketing, clients should concentrate on the real question of: what are the business and customer goals? What are you trying to achieve by letting the world know what you do?

KOBM has consulted and worked with clients in and outside of our core market of Arts and Culture.  we spend hours advising business owners and managers on the best ways for them to promote and publicise their business.  According to our clients, we have a real good knack of cutting through the bull and focusing on the point – the objectives of the business.

In our opinion, the only objective of ANY marketing company is achieving the client’s business and customer objectives using the most appropriate marketing tools available. 

So if you feel your core audience and client base respond best to directmail and Facebook, then that is what you use.  Large, businesses can be far more impactful using a wide cross section of marketing tools, because they can dedicate resources to make them work well.  However, smaller companies need to use their marketing hours far more profitably. 

Look at the tools you use to promote your business and services are you:

  • Maintaining them appropriately
  • Maximising its benefits
  • Creating a consistent tone with the rest of your business identity
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